Sports Illustrated Review - The Best Energy Gels and Bars for Running and Endurance Training

 In August this year we lucky enough to receive an amazing on line review from Sports Illustrated. So stoked you guys love our product.

"Natti Bar might have solved one of the biggest problems in sports nutrition: Everyone knows bananas are good for you, but they’re also almost impossible to take with you when you work out. They bruise at the slightest bump, turn to mush if you stuff them in a bag, and quickly blacken in the sun.

Natti Bars are made from dehydrated bananas. Each 110-calorie bar is the equivalent of one banana, and has the same nutritional value as a banana, minus the water. (Natti Bar also makes two other flavors, one that mixes in dark chocolate chips and one that includes cocoa nibs.) They taste a little like a chewy banana cake made with thick molasses. The one drawback is that if you don’t like ripe bananas, you might not like these.

Roughly half of the calories in bananas come from equal amounts of glucose and fructose, and will be quickly absorbed. The rest is a mixture of more complex carbohydrates and fiber, which will digest more slowly."

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