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Why did we create the NATTi Bar?

We are in the business of changing people habits by offering an alternative healthy snack with only one or two ingredients, nothing added. Not only is it simple, but it is a delicious tasting live food. For your information, “Live food” is simply food that has not been processed, irradiated or overcooked. The NATTi Bar is also vegan, non-GMO, Gluten free, kosher, and carries a low glycemic index (slow natural sugars). Banana is called the super food as it is loaded with magnesium, potassium and vitamin B, C.

Who founded the NATTi Bar?

Two burned out executives with the help of their naughty dogs.

What makes the NATTi Bar difference than other bars?

NATTi Bars are made with one or two ingredients that you probably have in your kitchen. We add nothing to it, it is 100% natural and it has a 15 to 18 month shelf life from production (depending on flavor)

Not a science project!

Why is our Original NATTi Bar brown color?

Bananas contain an enzyme, which reacts with the oxygen in the air when it is cut open. This is a process known as oxidation, turning the fruit brown (oranges, apricots and apples are also affected by this natural process). As the banana ripens starch turns into natural sugars and during the dehydration process, the fruit natural sugar caramelizes.

Is the NATTi Bar 100% Natural, Non-GMO, and Gluten Free, Kosher?

Yes! We only use all-natural, pure and unprocessed whole fruits. GMO is short for "genetically modified organism" We only use non-GMO bananas. Bananas are gluten free. Our fruits conform to the regulations of the Kasrut.

Is the NATTi Bar made in the United States of America?

NATTi bars are made in California / Colorado facilities, with Cavendish bananas from Latin America. Our organic chocolate comes from Peru. We use environmentally friendly 6 ply wrappers designed to instantly seal all the flavours.   Original NATTi Bar will taste “fresh-made” for 18 month while all other flavors for 15 month from production.

Is the NATTi Bar considered a Vegan product?


Where does the NATTi Bar sugar come from? Is it bad for you?

The sugar in bananas is naturally-occurring fructose and it comes with a bundle of nutrients and fiber. While bananas are higher in sugar than some fruits, they also provide several digestion-friendly health benefits. One banana contains about 2/3 grams of fiber, which helps to increase the rate of digestion. Within the banana's fiber is water-soluble pectin, which helps to monitor the rate of carbohydrate digestion and controls the effects of eating bananas on the blood sugar level.

I am a retailer, health club or event organizer and am interested in the NATTi Bar. Who do I contact about this?


I purchased your product, but I am not completely satisfied with it and I would like to return it. Who do I contact about this?

If you do not like it, we will eat it for you! Seriously, we will take care of you.
Send us an email at: help@nattibar.com

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