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NATTI Bar is a healthy and great tasting snack. Made of natural dehydrated bananas, it contains essential vitamins, minerals and dietary fibers. PURE BANANA GOODNESS

A NATTi bar will lift your spirit and contribute to a healthier living.


What makes NATTi different from other bars/snacks?

NATTi bars are 100% natural, Non GMO, Vegan, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Kosher delicious snack with no preservatives and no additives. NATTi bars are crafted to deliver great tasting nutrition to help nourish health conscious people, athletes, and adventurers before, during and after activities.

Each NATTi bar is made of the simplest all-natural ingredients: dehydrated bananas (or mixed with delicious dark chocolate or with crunchy cacao nibs).

A banana gets about 80% of its weight from water. The dehydrating process removes most of the water content, making dehydrated banana a far more concentrated source of calories and nutrients than a fresh banana.

This makes the NATTi bar a quick, easy and delicious way to get all of the nutrients of a large fresh banana on the go.

  • 30 gr., Only 110 calories for the original bar (130 for the Cacao Nibs and 150 for the Dark Chocolate)
  • Over 400mg of potassium for muscle strength and a healthy heart
  • Over 30mg of Magnesium, good for your blood pressure
  • About 15mg of vitamin C to boost your immune system
  • Vitamin B-6 to help grow new cells
  • Manganese for bone health
  • Carbohydrates for lasting energy
  • Antioxidant for heart health 
  • Low Glycemic index for a slow energy release.

Bananas are more nutritious than an apple, they contain 5 times more Vitamins A, 4 times the protein and double the other vitamins and minerals including fiber.

NATTi bar will keep “fresh tasting” for 18 month.